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A Quiet Sojourn

Sally's JournalSpaz
14 August
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I am a kind, smiley, honest and loyal friend. I am a great listener.. I am tall.. I am very creative. I do not like people who drain every last bit of energy out of you just because they are so self-seeking. (See AA and 12-steps).. I will give everything I have to the one I love. But do not abuse my generosity as I will lose all respect for you. I have amazing friends. I cannot tell you what they have done for me or what they have given me. A friend is always there no matter what. I love meditation.. It rules beyond belief.. There is a FLY BUZZING ROUND MY ROOM and I am going to box its ears in... Oh yes and I love to be surrounded by people who can make good conversation and I generally like to be around happy and non addled types.. I am very anti-drugs and alcoholics just tire me.. (take help.. take the love out there).. so if you're actually any of the above.. ie positive, essentially normal (or wanting to get there).. and know the difference between right and wrong.. you will have passed the test.. thus far.. enjoy..